McGuinness Presents Euroscola Awards to St Louis Students in Dundalk

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Mairead McGuinness MEP and first Vice-President of the European Parliament has congratulated students and teachers at St. Louis, Dundalk for their participation and success in the Euroscola competition.

On an official visit to the school on Tuesday last the MEP presented certs to the students and spoke to them about her work as an MEP and first Vice-President.

The students were runners-up in this year’s Euroscola competition in the Midlands North-West for their video which looks at women’s right to vote, Brexit, the troubles.

‘These students had a unique opportunity as young people to visit the Parliament in Strasbourg and take part in debates with students from across the EU. They got a taste for how difficult decision making is and the need for inclusive debate and dialogue,” she said.

The MEP also spoke about the importance of having an inquiring mind and not accepting everything on social or other media.

“There is an avalanche of ‘news’ and information and it’s sometimes very difficult to discern fact from fiction or real from fake news.

“That is why it’s so very important for students to develop critical thinking and to be aware that what they are reading may not reflect reality.”

She praised the commitment of teacher Sinéad Brady and the leadership of principal, Lorraine Quigley for placing a value on taking part in a competition like euroscola.

“There is so much pressure on schools to do so many things but it has never been as important as now for young people to gain an understanding of Europe and how it works,” she said.

The MEP thanked the school for the warm welcome and the much appreciated tea and cake.