Mairead McGuinness MEP – Delivering in Europe

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Mairead’s work is for and about people, and how to effect change for the better.


Member of the Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, responsible for Brexit.

Strongly defending our interests with regular, impressive performances across national media and international media including BBC, Sky News, Channel 4, ITV and CNN.


Influential member of the Parliament’s Agriculture Committee since 2004, working on CAP reform. Has championed the cause of farmers in the food supply chain, leading to new legislation to tackle Unfair Trading Practices.


Member of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. A lead negotiator on medical devices legislation, guaranteeing increased standards in patient safety and encouraging industry to innovate.

Co-chair of the Parliament’s MEP Heart Group.


Championing efforts to reduce waste, and to restore habitats and biodiversity in line with concerns about threats to the natural world. Supporting efforts for safer use of chemicals in farming and in society.


Working to strengthen the Parliament’s outreach to young people, establishing the Ambassador School Programme in operation in secondary schools across Ireland.

Served as Parliament’s Mediator for International Parental Child Abduction helping parents in distress whose children have gone missing.


Visits schools across the country – primary and second level. Listening to students and answering their questions about Europe. Serving as a role model and urging young people to achieve their dreams.


Instrumental in changing EU Structural Funds legislation to target EU funds for community living and not institutional care.“Through her persistence – as well as total command of her brief – she has shown that Europe matters and that positive change is possible,” Professor Gerard Quinn, NUI Galway, international expert on disability.


Chairs key Parliament debates and voting sessions. Responsibility for dialogue with religious and non-confessional organisations. Oversees contacts and relations with national parliaments.

Mairead McGuinness was elected First Vice-President of the European Parliament in January 2017, with the support of 75% of MEPs from across the house. She has been a Vice-President of the Parliament since July 2014.