Vice-President of the European Parliament Visits Dundalk School

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Mairead McGuinness MEP and first Vice-President of the European Parliament visited St. Joseph’s National School in Dundalk on Monday (21st January), which is participating in the Blue Star programme aimed at fostering, through classroom projects and activities, better knowledge and understanding amongst pupils about the European Union.

Among other things, it examines the foundation and development of the European Union, the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe and the role of the EU: what it does and how its work impacts the lives of European citizens.

“My visit was both inspiring and delightful to meet so many children of all ages who are enthusiastic about school and learning and also to visit a school with an emphasis on equality and diversity and listening to children,” the MEP said. “It was a joyful one and a lovely start to the week.

“I was amazed at how very young children in 1st class enquired about Brexit.

“One child asked a very pertinent question – who started it all?

“Others asked with concern about Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“I was impressed by a video produced by sixth class pupils about the EU and by their active engagement about my role as an MEP and as Vice-President.

“The pupils had a wide range of interesting questions about the EU, how it works and how MEPs work to change laws on behalf of citizens.

“They showed a strong interest in politics and public debate and have a keen awareness of Brexit and the challenges it poses particularly along the border,” she said.

She said great credit was due to the students for the impressive work they had undertaken, to Blue Star teacher Emma Nelson and School Principal, Dr. Roz Morris.

She also thanked them for the very warm welcome she received at the school.