MEP Commends Leitrim Social Farming Project

Mairead McGuinness276 views

The work being done by the Leitrim Integrated Development Company in developing a social farming model is most commendable and very deserving of the funding of €121,000 which has just been approved for the project by the Minister for Agriculture, Mairead McGuinness, MEP for Leitrim and first Vice-President of the European Parliament, said today.

Speaking in Brussels she said: “This funding will enable the continuation of the project which is being undertaken in collaboration with UCD. It has tremendous potential for the future expansion of social farming.  It will deliver evidence based learning, best practice and policy recommendations which should contribute to the promotion and development of social farming in Ireland.”

Social farming offers farming and horticultural participation in a farming environment as a voluntary choice to people who avail of a range of therapeutic day support services.

“Working with nature in this way has unique potential. It brings people from stressful situations into the calming, natural environment of farming, which is more aligned with the human spirit. It takes people out of the frenetic and often artificial environments that we have created around ourselves. We all need to do that, at least for part of our lives,” Ms McGuinness said.

And she said all associated with the Leitrim Integrated Development Company project were doing a great service for the community.