MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament Visits Wolfhill School

Mairead McGuinness667 views

Mairead McGuinness MEP for Kildare and Laois and first Vice-President of the European Parliament undertook an official visit to Wolfhill National School, Athy on Friday (28th April).

The school is participating in the Blue Star programme which aims to foster, through classroom projects and activities, better knowledge and understanding amongst primary pupils about the European Union.

Ms McGuinness said the 18 pupil school has “a very impressive and huge interest in the wider world.”

“We had an invigorating discussion about Europe and what it means. The children spoke about their own experiences in farming and their love of nature and animals.

“It was good to see how the children were able to connect their own daily experiences and futures with what’s happening in their wider European world.

“Somehow once children are exposed through programmes like the Blue Star one they just get the connections so readily, how what may be happening in one country impacts another.

“They are so open to learning and great credit is due to school Principal Kathleen Boland and teacher Marie O’Connor.

“My visit was a joy and I’d like to thank everyone involved, pupils, teachers and parents,” she said.