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Mairead McGuinness, MEP for Louth and First Vice-President of the European Parliament, has said today’s announcement that 150 jobs are to be created in Drogheda over the next three years reinforces the region’s growing strength and marks an excellent turnaround over recent years.

Mobile Technologies Inc (MTI) is to establish its European headquarters in Drogheda and has already begun recruitment.

Ms McGuinness noted the company CEO, Chris Remy, cited the tech savvy and talented workforce, attractive business environment and membership of the EU as reasons for choosing Ireland.

“These 150 jobs will provide many opportunities for individuals and families to build their futures in Drogheda and the wider region, it will bring greater activity to the town and it will help local service businesses also,” she said.

“While national unemployment is now down very considerably, dropping to a nine-year low of 6.6pc, around the border area in particular Brexit has its challenges, and Ireland must continue to lead the European agenda on this to ensure the divorce doesn’t impact disproportionately.”