Louth Sea Salt awarded special EU status

Mairead McGuinness780 views
Mariread McGuinness MEP, Colm Markey and Mary O'Neill of Louth Leader Partnership with Brian Fitzpatrick and John Delaney of Oriel Seasalt in Clogherhead. Photo:Colin Bell/

“Two Louth products, Oriel Sea Salt and minerals, based at Clogherhead, near Drogheda have been granted special EU status by the European Commission this week,” Mairead McGuinness MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament confirmed.

“I’m delighted that the Commission has recognised the unique qualities the Co Louth products offer by granting them “Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)”. PDO is one of three EU schemes to promote and protect the names of quality, traditional and regional products or foodstuffs.”

This announcement means that two new product names from Ireland have been added to the quality register of Protected Designations of Origin (PDO). Oriel Sea Salt and Oriel Sea Minerals from Port Oriel.

“In the announcement, the Commission highlighted the unique qualities the Louth products offer, stating that Oriel Sea Salt is naturally crystal white so it does not need to be washed or rinsed, while also noting the deep water currents, cleanliness, mineral content and purity of the water where the salt is harvested.

“Harvesting of sea salt in Port Oriel dates back centuries when salt was a vital ingredient in preserving fish landed at the harbour for consumption, storage and subsequent transport to market. Oriel Sea Salt is the only non-oxidised mineral sea salt on the planet.

“Oriel Sea Minerals, which are concentrated sea mineral salts in liquid form, also became Protected Designation of Origin from today. The Commission noted that they represent a good food supplement providing minerals to the body.

“I was delighted to visit Oriel Sea Salt some years ago and want to congratulate all involved in their success to date,” McGuinness added.