European Parliament 7th Mandate – year end 2014

Mairead McGuinness117 views

Information about MEPs’ salaries and allowances, including staffing arrangements, is published on the Parliament’s website here.

My details for the year ending 2014 are:

The monthly pre-tax salary of MEPs under the single statute is, in 2014, € 8,020. MEP salaries are paid from Parliament’s budget. My salary is subject to EU tax, Irish tax and accident insurance contribution.

Travel and Subsistence allowance. MEPs are refunded the actual cost of their travel tickets on presentation of receipts, plus fixed allowances based on the distance and duration of the journey. I received €47,731 in travel expenses for the year ending 2013. Parliament pays a flat-rate subsistence allowance for each day of attendance at official meetings of the Parliament bodies within the European Community to cover accommodation, meals and all other expenses involved in such attendance. The allowance is paid only if the Member has signed an official attendance register. I received €36,480 for the year ending 2014.

General expenditure allowance. This allowance – for the year ending 2014, €51,466 – is paid to cover the costs involved in running a constituency office including management and maintenance costs, office supplies and documentation, telephone and postal charges, and the purchase, operation and maintenance of computer and other equipment.

Staff Budget. MEPs’ staff are paid from a budget set by Parliament. In 2014 I employed 4 staff, and 2 interns. None are related to me, although one is married to my brother-in-law.

Accredited assistants, based in Brussels (or Strasbourg), are administered and paid directly by Parliament’s administration. Assistants based in an MEP’s home country are handled by qualified paying agents, who guarantee that all appropriate tax and PRSI is paid.

For the year ending 2014, staff costs were €213,700. This includes travel and subsistence costs of assistants when they travel to Strasbourg for Parliament’s plenary sessions and for other travel undertaken by staff in the course of their official duties.